Case Studies

Recurring grinder breakdowns caused by raw ingredient overload are eliminated following the installation of an ABB drive.

ABB machinery drive chosen by boiler maker after embedded control loop helps stabilise boiler control and improve system efficiency.

Installation of ABB drives sees the University of Leeds achieve significant reduction in energy use, cutting carbon emissions and energy costs.

Improvement in the operation of its ovens is enabling manufacturer Acrivarn to attract new customers.

Less blade wear and greater uptime of a billet mill saw are among the benefits from retrofitting an ABB motor and variable-speed drive (VSD) at Tata Steel’s Stocksbridge plant.

A commercial laundry in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, is achieving more reliable speed control of a key machine following the installation of an ABB variable-speed drive.

ABB variable-speed drives have helped a manufacturer of circlips cut production stoppages from typically three a week to none.

A wastewater treatment plant in Bradford is saving over £61,000 on energy costs following installation of ABB variable-speed drives on its re-circulation pumps.

Although variable-speed drives are most frequently associated with energy saving, they also continue to play a major role in improving the operation of a process or production line.

Intensive piggeries are a type of factory farm specialized in the raising of pigs. Within large warehouses, stalls are located in which high numbers of grower pigs are kept.