Safety Programmable Controllers - Allen Bradley Guardmaster™

As you face key manufacturing challenges such as the need for more flexibility, lower costs, and safer machine environments, look to Rockwell Automation for your safety controller solutions. You'll find open and integrated control that will help to ensure machine safety and protect your current control investments.

In the past, designers would install hardware in parallel to the standard automation components in order to bring automated processes to a safe state. Today, safety programmable controllers allow standard and safety-related programs to reside in a single controller chassis. This provides flexibility in programming as well as a familiar and easy-to-use environment for programmers. Both the Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Guardmaster™ GuardPLC® Safety Programmable Logic Controller and the GuardLogix® Integrated Safety Controller are designed to meet global safety standards.

  • Learn more about the GuardLogix Integrated Safety Controller, the safety controller that partners with ControlLogix for high-speed, high-performance multi-disciplined control that is ideal for SIL 3 safety applications.
  • The GuardPLC offers four versions of safety programmable controllers to meet your safety solution needs with speed and flexibility.
  • The SmartGuard 600 safety controller is a programmable safety controller designed for safety applications that require some complex logic allowing for more advanced safety functionality.