Power Factor Correction

Save Energy and Reduce Electricity Costs

  • Save Energy and Reduce Electricity Costs
  • Are you paying excess reactive charges
  • Are you exceeding your contracted availability
  • Do you need additional capacity



The addition of Power Factor Correction equipment can result in reduced system currents and kW losses, as well as eliminating charges for excess kvar consumption. Additional capacity may be released, avoiding the expense of a supply upgrade, or peak currents can be reduced resulting in improved supply security.ABB are a market leading manufacturer of Power Factor Correction equipment for industrial and commercial applicationp
Power Factor Correction


harm-rvc-rvt-pxh150Intelligent Controllers


Controlled by the user friendly RVC Power Factor Controller, utilising easy automatic commissioning, intelligent switching strategy, and informative LCD display. Advanced RVT Controller is available with full measurement and monitoring functions including harmonic spectrum, full graphics display and optional Modbus communications adapter.




ABB Capacitors are of a dry type design, resulting in low losses and no risk of leakage.  Designed with self-healing properties, and incorporating a vermiculite filling for protection and safety. Each Capacitor is equipped with a Discharge Resistor,and Sequential Disconnect to remove an individual element from circuit at the end of life.

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