ABB PSR, PSE & PSTX Softstarter Range

Halcyon Drivers offers three different ranges of ABB softstarters to cover every customer need for solutions for motor sizes up to 1800 A. This page decribes the main characteristics of the different softstarter ranges.


PSR - The compact range (3 to 105A)
The PSR softstarter is the most compact of all the softstarter ranges, thereby making it possible to design compact starting equipments. The system concept with Manual Motor Starters and the PSR provides a far more compact starting solution than for instance a star delta starter.

Built-in by-pass reduces the energy loss and makes the connection easier and with only three potentiometers, the set-up couldn't be any easier. Still, the optimized ramping characteristics will ensure a very smooth start and stop for all applications.


PSE - The efficient range (18 to 370A)
softstart pse pxw600
The PSE softstarter is the world's first compact softstarter with both built-in electronic overload for motor protection and torque control for an excellent control of pumps. The compact design with the most important functionality integrated provides a very efficient starting solution.

The illuminated language neutral display and the four-button keypad make it easy to take advantage of all the advanced functionality in the softstarter. The display will also provide all the necessary information both during ramping and continuous operation.


PSTX - The advanced range (30 to 1250A)


softstart pstx pxw600
The PSTX softstarter is the most advanced softstarter in the range with almost all imaginable functionality included. All the advanced protections for the motor, the softstarter and the load ensure a trouble-free operation. Pre-warnings even allow problems to be detected before the motor needs to be stopped and thereby avoiding unnecessary downtime.

The PSTX offers complete motor protection in only one unit and is able to handle both load and network irregularities. PT-100, earth fault protection and over/under voltage protection along with many other functions keep your motor safer than ever. PSTX also offers three types of current limit: standard, dual and ramp. This gives you full control of your motor during start. It also allows you to use your
motor in weaker networks.

When reaching full speed, the PSTX will activate its bypass. This saves energy while reducing the softstartes heat generation. On the PSTX, the bypass is built in and verified by ABB, saving you time during installation and space in your panel.
Time to use your processes to their full potential. The PSTX features many application enhancing features, including torque control: the most efficient way
to start and stop pumps. The pump cleaning feature can reverse pump flow and clean out pipes, securing uptime of your pump system.


The solution to both mechanical and electrical problems


From the moment the first electrical motors were developed, engineers have been searching for a way to avoid electrical and mechanical problems that usually occur when starting the motor. These problems include high inrush current and current spikes as well as excessive mechanical wear. One traditional way to avoid this is to use a star delta starter. This starting method is in many applications insufficient, as problems with current spikes and torque peaks will remain. In addition, it does not provide any way to perform a soft stop. A softstarter on the other hand will provide far better performance during the start and also the possibility to soft stop the motor.

ABB has been producing softstarters since the beginning of the 1980's. The valuable experience gained since the early 80's has been incorporated into the design of today's product ran ges. Matching modern power electronics with smart circuitry and software, the ABB softstarters offer superior control of the current and voltage during motor start-up and stop, in addition to several state of the art design features.

The solution to both mechanical and electrical problems AC motors, "the workhorse of the industry", are used to drive fans, crushers, agitators, pumps, conveyors, etc. Depending on how it is installed, too often unnecessary and
unwanted torque and current peaks are an everyday reality in production plants all over the world, causing damage in several ways..

Among them are:

  • Electrical problems due to voltage and current transients arising from Direct-On-Line or Star-Delta starts. Such transients may overload the local supply network and cause unacceptable voltage variations that interfere with other electrical equipment connected to the network.
  • Mechanical problems that address the entire drive chain, from motor to driven equipment, causing a big need for service and repair as well as unwanted down time.
  • Operational problems, such as damage to products on conveyor belts.
  • Water hammering and pressure surges in pipe systems when starting and stopping pumps.

The financial consequences are considerable; every technical problem and every breakdown costs money in terms of repairs as well as lost production.

The easy solution to all of these problems is to install an ABB Softstarter. With ABB Softstarters, it is possible to start and stop smoothly while keeping mechanical and electrical stresses to a minimum.