ACS880-01 - ABB Drives

acs880 abb drive pxw600Power range: 0.55 to 250 kW

Supply voltage:
3-phase, UN2 = 208 to 240 V, +10/-15%
3-phase, UN3 = 380 to 415 V, +10/-15%
3-phase, UN5 = 380 to 500 V, +10/-15%
3-phase, UN7 = 525 to 690 V, +10/-15%

The ACS880-01 wall-mounted variable speed drives are designed on ABB’s common drives architecture. The complete ACS880 range are customized to the precise needs of industries such as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, cement, power plants, material handling, pulp and paper, sawmills and marine. They are designed to control a wide range of applications including cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans. The drive comes in nine different frame sizes (R1 to R9) for easy installment and commissioning.

At the heart of the drive is direct torque control (DTC), ABB’s premier motor control technology. The extensive range of options include EMC filters, encoders, resolvers, du/dt filters, sine filters, chokes and brake resistors, as well as application specific software. Built-in safety features reduce the need for external safety components.

Multiple drives can be daisy-chained for synchronized drive-to-drive communication. The drives offering includes enclosure classes IP20, IP21 and IP55 for dusty and wet environments.

The type approved ACS880-01 marine drive, provides advanced reliability and availability at sea. The drive fulfils marine and offshore requirements and the design and operations have been tested according to marine type approval requirements. ACS880-01 comes with marine type approval from various key classification bodies.


  • Intuitive control panel and PC tool
  • Direct torque control (DTC) for precise open and closed loop control
  • Built-in safety features for simplified configuration
  • Communication with all major automation networks
  • Removable memory unit for easy drive commissioning and replacement
  • Energy optimizer and energy efficiency information for monitoring and saving energy
  • Designed for easy service

Built-in options

  • Integrated safety including safe torque off (STO) as standard and the optional safety functions module, FSO-11 (TÜV Nord certified)
  • Supports various motor types including synchronous reluctance motors
  • Intuitive control panel with USB connection
  • Removable memory unit for easy maintenance
  • Primary control program - common software used throughout the ACS880 drive series
  • Control unit supporting a wide range of fieldbuses, feedback devices and input/output options
  • Coated boards as standard
  • Controllable cooling fan
  • Incoming air temperature measurement for protecing the drive from different temperature related failure mechanisms
  • Built-in braking chopper, option for frame sizes R5 to R9
  • Built-in choke