12 April 2011

Innovation with ABB Drives provides solution for saving energy

Yorkshire Water, the UK's leading Water Company have dozens of Waste Water pumping stations dotted around the rural areas of Yorkshire.

They employ a system to power the submersible sump pump motors which in turn pump the Waste Water to the Treatment Works.

A split phase electrical distribution system is a 3 wire, single phase system (two live conductors plus neutral) with a capacity up to about (100kVA) commonly used in rural areas in the UK. It provides a 240/480V 3 wire single phase system for areas such as farms and small industrial areas which is done to reduce costs in the distribution network.

The capacity of these submersible pump motors can be as high as 22kW all of which are designed to operate on a 3 phase distribution system. So how do you make a 3 phase motor/pump set operate on a split phase supply?

Halcyon Drives, working with Yorkshire Water solved the problem using the ABB ACS550 Standard Drive Range of variable speed inverters. The standard features of the operating voltage of 380-480v and DC link stabilization ensured a successful solution.

Halcyon Drives have successfully installed Inverters using the Split Phase supplies on several sites throughout the Yorkshire Water Region namely the Black Horse, Kirklington, Pickhill, Tunstall and Colburn Village Pump Stations.

ABB Inverters used on these Split Phase installations has been fully approved by ABB Research & Development in Finland confident are they that the ACS550 Standard Drives enjoys a 5 year warranty.

The benefits of introducing Inverter Drive on this application are:-

  • All equipment used is Standard Product
  • Ability to vary flow rates
  • Soft starting and stopping
  • Ability to maintain constant press pressure (PID)
  • Energy Saving features with Centrifugal Pumps

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