PID closed loop control or proportional-integral-derivative control is a useful software tool that can be used within an ABB Variable Speed Drive. But what exactly is it?

The PID controller is the most commonly used method of closed looped control to a variable speed drive. This is predominantly used in industrial control systems to produce accurate and consistent operation.....

20 November 2015

Are your assets covered?

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At a site level we understand that the maintenance team are usually over stretched, which asks the question “Are the variable speed drives maintained correctly within the manufacturing process?”; unfortunately, we find they aren’t very often. On many occasions they are just left alone to produce car components, bake bread or whatever the process may be. What happens in the event of a breakdown; the response ranges from absolute panic to something more measured.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, or commonly known as UPS's, are a vital component to most sites to ensure that during a power disruption, your critical plant is backed up with battery power. This beggars the question, are your sites Uninterrupted Power Supply's Winter Ready?

In wash down areas light curtains are not the most effective method of presence sensing. Datasensor have addressed this need and produced the SG4-H safety light curtains which will withstand wash down and heavy detergents.

The greatest savings are to be made in applications utilising centrifugal fans and pumps, known as “Variable Torque” loads. The affinity laws governing these types of load can mean for a 10% reduction in speed, typically the power requirement will be reduced by 27%.

stevet faceIn most industrial and commercial installations, the electricity supply is charged based on a number of factors;

The most obvious measurement is kWh, which is the amount of energy that the consumer uses, and is charged in pence per kWh.

Working for Halcyon Drives Ltd is a breath of fresh air, genuinely it is a company I really enjoy working for. Not just because the directors make us as employees feel part on the family but because we really care about our customers, as a sales person who enjoys her customers that is a mutual understanding the company and I have.

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Halcyon Drives has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

PIANO has now extended the PULS product range to service new market segments. Applying new techniques and concepts from design to manufacturing, the new PIANO series offers reliability, service lifetime and efficiency figures usually only available in higher cost products.