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The average life of a variable speed drive (VSD) is around 15 years, but some would take issue with this assertion. There are examples of variable speed drives running perfectly well for 35 years plus, without being touched. Then there are examples of VSD’s which have been completely destroyed .....

As manufacturing grows in your plant the more reliant we become on sensors and actuators. But without any clear communication from these small and simple devices, processes can experience vast periods of downtime while the engineer tries to work out which sensor has failed and why.

PID closed loop control or proportional-integral-derivative control is a useful software tool that can be used within an ABB Variable Speed Drive. But what exactly is it?

The PID controller is the most commonly used method of closed looped control to a variable speed drive. This is predominantly used in industrial control systems to produce accurate and consistent operation.....

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, or commonly known as UPS's, are a vital component to most sites to ensure that during a power disruption, your critical plant is backed up with battery power. This beggars the question, are your sites Uninterrupted Power Supply's Winter Ready?

stevet faceIn most industrial and commercial installations, the electricity supply is charged based on a number of factors;

The most obvious measurement is kWh, which is the amount of energy that the consumer uses, and is charged in pence per kWh.