31 March 2015

PIANO extends the PULS product range

Written by  Halcyon Drives

DIN Rail Power Supply Family

24VDC 5A and 10A DC-OK Signal Efficiency to 94.5%

PIANO has now extended the PULS product range to service new market segments. Applying new techniques and concepts from design to manufacturing, the new PIANO series offers reliability, service lifetime and efficiency figures usually only available in higher cost products. The PIANO series products are now available for applications that demand high performance and reliability at a competitive cost. By taking a fresh and innovative approach, the intrinsic properties of PULS power supplies (high reliability and long service lifetime) have now been implanted into a product range that provides significant price advantages.

Single board design = Excellent life expectancy

The new design achieves an MTBF of more than 1.4 million hours and efficiencies of up to 94.5% with a minimum service lifetime of typically 40,000 hours. These innovations have been made possible by a smart single-board design with cost-saving polycarbonate housing by our specialist PULS design team focused on an intelligent design for cost-effective manufacturability. These new supplies are purely convection-cooled and can operate from -10°C (some units even from -25°C) up to +70°C with power derating above +55°C. The PIANO series is easy to use because it clicks smoothly onto any standard DIN-Rail and includes large-sized terminals making installation simple and fast. Furthermore, the PIANO series features a ‘DC-OK’ signal that can be used to monitor the unit’s output voltage.