Energy Saving Audits

Save up to 50% on your energy bill

Do you want to know how much you can save?

Typical Applications

Centrifugal Pumps & Fans are ideal applications for variable speed control. These applications are often oversized and inefficient but in many cases lend themselves to process control. Reducing the speed by 10% will provide a 20% saving on consumed energy.
In most industry sectors, compressed air and air blowers are used on site with pneumatic machinery and for aeration. The use of the now advanced variable speed drives on Air Compressors & Aeration applications can save between 15% to 30% of used energy.

Halcyon Drives help target energy waste, carrying out energy appraisals and providing detailed reports showing the true costs, the savings and the return on investment. We provide the full service from the supply of the drive, feedback devices and if required fully Install & Commissioning of the package. Our Drive Hire service is particularly helpful in proving the benefits and savings associated with these applications. This is what we do:-

  • Identify the applications which show the benefits of CO2 & energy reduction. (Some 20,000 organisations are affected by the governments CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme)
  • Monitor the energy usage of these applications over a period to get the best assessment
  • Produce a comprehensive report showing the savings to be gained by installing variable speed drives (VSD).
  • Have the option to install a suitable Hire drive to prove our findings or commit to buy our recommendation. We will monitor again to show the savings.
  • We can also have a look at the harmonics and power factor during the monitoring process, if required

Halcyon Drives has helped many companies cut their energy use and hence carbon emissions by installing ABB variable speed drives on numerous industrial applications throughout the UK. We are the only company in the UK who can offer to hire the equipment to prove energy savings prior to the client making a purchase.

So how do ABB variable speed drives help reduce your energy consumption?

The video below demonstrates the Cube Law theory and how it applies to typical applications. Reducing an application speed by 20%, it is possible to decrease energy consumption by up to 50% dependant on the application.