SmartGuard 600 Safety Controllers

ab guardmaster smartguard600 smlBulletin 1752 SmartGuard™ 600 safety controller is programmable designed for safety applications that require some complex logic allowing for more advanced safety functionality. It features 16 safety-rated inputs, 8 safety-rated outputs, 4 pulse test sources, and a DeviceNet connection that supports both standard and CIP Safety communication. Configuration and programming is accomplished through the built-in USB port.

Since the SmartGuard 600 safety controller is a safety master on the DeviceNet network, you can use Rockwell Automation Guard I/O modules to expand the number of safety devices the SmartGuard 600 can control. It can also perform safety interlocking between a GuardLogix, GuardPLC or other SmartGuard safety controllers. And because CIP Safety is simply an extension of the DeviceNet network, other devices such as standard PLCs and HMIs can read data out of the SmartGuard 600 for system level interlocking, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The SmartGuard 600 can be used in safety applications including:

  • E-Stop
  • Light Curtain
  • Safety Gate
  • Two Hand Control
  • Multi-zone Control
  • Perimeter Guarding

Use RSNetWorx for DeviceNet to program the SmartGuard 600 and configure the DeviceNet network. Once inside RSNetWorx, you can launch an editor that will allow you to write function block programs for the SmartGuard 600. No additional programming software is needed! With ten safety application instructions plus another dozen logic and timing instructions, you can write powerful, yet simple safety control programs.