4 March 2019

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor lets motors tell you when it’s time for a service HOT

Written by  Halcyon Drives

Wireless Condition monitoring for LV motors

abb ability smart sensor

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor converts traditional motors, pumps and mounted bearings into smart, wirelessly connected devices.

Until today, maintenance teams faced several limitations…

  • Maintenance can be fragmented and disconnected, with separate teams for each site (or multiple shift patterns)
  • The teams cannot always get contracts to service all of the installed population due to the large number of motors
  • In most cases, sophisticated monitoring of LV motors does not make economic sense today
  • A significant infrastructure is required, which typically costs more than the motors themselves
  • Specialist personnel are needed to install and maintain the monitoring equipment
  • Most LV motors are not monitored, and are only maintained when something goes wrong
  • Typically, a run to fail approach is taken

How can this solution help to save money and reduce stress?

Fitting the ABB Ability Smart Sensor solution could help to…

  • Reduce downtime by as much as 70%
    • Service or replace motors before they break down
    • Shift unplanned maintenance to planned outages
  • Extend lifetime by up to 30%
    • Avoid motor failures by timely servicing
    • Prevent secondary damage by avoiding breakdowns
  • Increase energy efficiency by around 10%
    • Create better loading profiles based on energy consumption patterns
    • Rationalize the installed base (replace less efficient and over-dimensioned motors)

Welcome to the factory of tomorrow


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