20 October 2014

Halcyon goes solar powered

Written by  Halcyon Drives

Solar panels take advantage of a powerful yet free energy source - the sun. In a single hour the sun transmits more energy to the earth's surface than the world uses in a year.

At Halcyon we have installed 120 Solar Panels capable of generating up to 30kW of electric power. The capacity of the system is based on our average daily useage.

news-id96-solar1 pxw300The solar Inverter is of ABB manufacture and is installed in our demonstration room thus allowing us to demonstrate our committment to energy saving.

When our consumption is below 30KW, Halcyon will be paid the feed in tariff and therefore energy saving within the factory will always be a priority.

Installing new more efficient factory heaters is a further example of continued persistance to save energy

The calculated payback for this investment is approximately 2 years which offers a good return and falls in line with energy saving philosophy using variable speed drives as stated above.