11 December 2015

ABB ATEX Certification for hazardous area

Written by  Halcyon Drives

As a sales division and an ABB Authorized Value Provider we specialise in the product areas we distribute, we believe it is within our customer’s interest to understand the needs of their site.

ATEX is an area where specialist knowledge is compulsory, margin for error is dangerous when processes are located within explosive or flammable atmospheres. ABB continually develop the strength of their ATEX motor product offering, for use in gas or dust areas which can be fixed speed or certified for use with an ABB Variable Speed Drive as a Motor package. Neil and Danny have regular training on ABB Software motsize/drivesize and have a wide experience in selecting the correct motors for us in markets all around the world and not just Europe.

Below is a typical example of an ACS880 Variable Speed Drive and Motor selection package which is certified for applications in ATEX.

The ABB document “ACS880 drives with ABB motors in explosive atmospheres” below shows a matched pair for ATEX.