Trojan 5 & 6 Universal Tongue Switch 440K

ab guardmaster 440K trojan 5 6 smlThe Rockwell Automation Guardmaster™ safety product Trojan 5 & 6 are universal tongue (or key) actuated safety interlock switches designed to fit at the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift-off guards. The dual key entry slots and rotatable head, movable only by releasing the cover screws, allow four actuator entry options. The Trojan 5 contains all of the safety related functions — i.e., forced guided contacts, tamper resistant mechanism — allowing the machine to be safeguarded in compliance with the machine directive.

Operation of the switch is achieved through the insertion of a specially profiled stainless steel key that is permanently mounted to the leading edge of the guard door. The Trojan 5 actuator includes a self-ejecting mechanism that prevents operation of the switch if the actuator is not mounted to the guard door (e.g., if the operator uses a spare key).

The Trojan 5 has 2 N.C. safety contacts and 1 N.O. auxiliary contact enabling it to be used as part of a system for higher risk applications. The unit is sealed to IP67 and has three conduit entries available. An optional semi-flexible actuator allows the Trojan 5 to operate on smaller radii doors (>60mm). A catch mechanism is also available as an option for use on vibrating machinery.

EX and Pneumatic versions of the Trojan are also available.


  • Strong and versatile, can be used in most applications
  • Available in Standard and GD2 models
  • Standard model has self-ejecting tamper resistant actuator, only operates when mounted to the guard
  • Contacts, 1 N.O. & 2 N.C. (sealed to IP67)
  • Four possible actuator entry points, easy to install
  • Optional semi-flexible actuator for operation on smaller radii doors (>60 mm)
  • Optional catch mechanism for use on vibrating machinery
  • Pneumatic versions of the Trojan are also available


  • 440K Trojan™ 5 Tongue Interlock Switches (5-Pin, 6-Pin)
  • 440K Trojan 6 Tongue Interlock Switches (8-Pin)