440N Sipha Sensors

ab guardmaster 440N sipha smlWith the increasing speed and complexity of applications a simple magnetic switch may be insufficient to meet the increased risks, therefore Sipha’s design incorporates several magnetically sensitive elements which must be triggered in a particular sequence to operate correctly. The Sipha sensor, designed to operate with its own actuator, helps prevent defeatability by a simple magnet.

The Sipha from Rockwell Automation Guardmaster™ safety products with its molded-in brackets and diminutive size, is extremely versatile and simple to install. The Sipha Sensor must be connected to the Sipha control unit giving a monitored circuit. For high-risk applications the control unit is used with a single sensor to give a high-integrity system. For other applications, multiple sensors (including mechanical switches) can be connected to one Sipha control unit. Sipha has facilities for connecting a manual reset button and for monitoring external devices such as contactors.

Four types of sensors and actuators are available incorporating different operating distances and physical sizes.


  • Noncontact actuation
  • Magnetic coded sensing
  • Four housing styles
  • Must be operated with its own safety control unit