Returns & Refund Policy


Halcyon Drives is a business-to-business supplier. The Halcyon Drives webshop is intended for use by business customers only and not by private individuals acting as consumers. Unless otherwise stated, the ‘Customer’ referred is a B2B customer only Nothing within this policy shall affect the statutory right of a private individual who deals as a consumer.

Order Cancellation

There is no automatic right for Halcyon Drives to accept order cancellation from a customer once an order has been accepted. Halcyon Drives may, at its discretion, allow an order to be cancelled offering part or full refunds for B2B customers based on the following conditions…

  • Where there is no fault in the product, a process/restocking will apply to all products returned, as detailed in Halcyon Drives Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale.
  • Receipt of incorrect or damaged consignment where no suitable alternative solution is available.
  • Order cancellation will not be accepted for bespoke/special order items manufactured/tailored to a customers’ requirements.
  • The private consumers only should contact our sales office directly on 0113 2361509 within 30 days of the receipt of the goods to discuss/arrange a return/refund.

To be considered for any form of refund, the goods must be returned in their original condition, undamaged packaging and in a condition which will enable them to be immediately fit for re-sale.

Receipt of Incorrect/Damaged Goods

The customer should inspect the goods immediately on receipt and notify Halcyon Drives with 3 - 4 working day of any errors, omissions or identifiable damage with the goods.

Halcyon Drives will discuss suitable options for return of the incorrect/faulty equipment and where necessary offer suitable refund/replacement on full inspection of the equipment. Full details can be found on Halcyon Drives Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale.

Warranty Returns

Warranty returns are subject to the product manufacturers’ standard terms for either repair or replacement. Please contact the sales team on 0113 2361509 to discuss warranty repair/replacement of your individual product. Further details can be found on Halcyon Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale.