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MSR300 Safety Relays (Configurable)

ab guardmaster msr300 safety relay smlThe MSR300 family of expandable modular safety relays handles larger, more complicated safety systems by allowing connection of multiple input modules to a single base unit. It offers a logic configuration with multiple inputs and the control of multiple independent outputs. The system supports up to 20 diverse inputs and can control up to 3 zones, performing simple function block logic configurations through rotary switch settings as opposed to software configuration. Modules can be mixed and matched to work with various input device types, reducing the need for multiple single-purpose relays, simplifying setup, wiring, maintenance and saving valuable panel space. Optional off-delayed modules are available as well. The MSR300’s diagnostic capabilities over multiple protocols provide input, output and error status. Offering SIL3, two-hand control support and monitoring through HMI, the MSR300 is easily customized and expanded thanks to plug-in connections that reduce wiring for the addition of inputs and outputs.

MSR320P, MSR329P, MSR310P RS232, MSR312P, MSR330P, MSR338DP

A Rockwell Automation Guardmaster™ safety product.