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MSR200 Modular Safety Relays

ab guardmaster msr200 safety relay smlUsing plug-and-play digital I/O expansion modules, the MSR200 expandable modular relay system supports up to 22 diverse inputs (mats, light curtains, switches, etc.) to allow safety control of larger, more complex manufacturing equipment with a single relay system. The MSR200 family’s microprocessor-based design offers enhanced diagnostic and communication functionality over multiple protocols. It also allows the relay to deliver output and error status over a fieldbus network to an HMI. Simple plug-in connectivity between modules provides simple system expansion with reduced wiring. Offering SIL3, delayed output support and an optional dedicated display module, the MSR200 system provides substantial cabinet space savings over dedicated single-function relays.

MSR220P, MSR221P, MSR210P, MSR211P, MSR230P, MSR238DP, MSR240P RS232/RS485, MSR241P, MSR245P

A Rockwell Automation Guardmaster™ safety product